4th International Jolly Phonics Conference 2022
for Teachers, Assistants, School Owners & Directors, Students

The Jolly Phonics Team is feeling a huge gratitude and privileage to host this wonderful event.
Do not miss the opportunity to join the Jolly Community from around the world and meet the authors of Jolly Phonics Sue Lloyd and Sara Wernham, the founder Christoher Jolly and several international trainers Yvonne Dalorto (Spain), Diego Zaffaroni (Italy), Jay Richardson (Thailand), Di Restuani (Indonesia), Clare Fulton (Scotland), Santina Di Mauro (Australia), Mileha Chausheva (Bulguria).

At Jolly Phonics Conference 2022 we will
… meet and learn from professionals,
… learn how to use Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar in an ESL environment from experienced trainers,
… see how to use the resources and be inspired by new ones,
… experience the connection, sharing and collaboration.
Together we are stronger!

How to use Jolly Phonics in an ESL environment?
Are you interested in the extension ideas for materials and use in ESL class with young learners?
How do plays work as a teaching, evaluation and revision tool?
How to use the decodable readers actively in the classroom?
Interesting grammar activities?
Multisensory teaching with Jolly Phonics?

Join and benefit from this International community of Jolly authors, trainers, teachers, school directors, students who are coming to the conference. Become part of a unique and growing support network of colleagues with a shared purpose. We all want our children achieve their potential for a brighter future.

This is the time and opportunity when you can grow from wisdom of those who did it before you. They all have decided to share their time, energy, collective knowledge and experience how to teach Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar and use their resources.

Be ready to engage, learn and grow actively. The whole program provides practical ideas and extended resources that you can try straight away in the classroom. We work together for collective interests and share results of work with others in the community.

After the event, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance the Jolly Phonics Conference: It only gets better!
Free Admission for All: Teachers, School Assistants, Parents, School Owners & Directors attending with their teachers and University Students.