Teaching reading and writing doesn’t have to be as challenging as many people believe. Have you heard about the phonics approach? The early phonics approach is highly effective for all children, especially those who struggle. We invite you to join us for Modules 1 to 5, where you’ll discover that teaching the mechanics of reading and writing can be much simpler than commonly thought.

Our Summer marathon aims to equip teachers (Kindergarten, Elementary), parents, and interested adults with the necessary skills and knowledge to teach the complete Jolly Phonics program over a span of three years. Throughout the modules, you’ll learn about essential phonics knowledge, understanding the alphabetic code, vowels, decodable reading, and even delve into Jolly Grammar for one year. Topics covered in Jolly Grammar include spelling, alternatives, and creative writing.

If you’re unable to join us in present, don’t worry! Recordings of the sessions will be available for you to watch at your convenience. We are dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience with Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar, and our team is more than happy to assist you.


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